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TAAROA’s high-performance windfoil line, the NOE, is designed to help you achieve your objectives in a variety of windfoil disciplines. Focused on design and technology, we use performance-oriented materials such as Carbon UHM, Carbon HR, Hybrid carbon, and titanium allowing for maximum rigidity, speed, and stability. With your choice of interchangeable, superior-grade components, the NOE is a range compatible with freeride, freestyle, and racing disciplines. Learn about the NOE windfoil range at TAAROA’s website.

TAAROA | Windsurfing hydrofoils

TAAROA | Windsurfing hydrofoils

Taaroa builds the most progressive and modular hydrofoils for windsurfing, guaranteeing the best performance in every condition thanks to their unique design and choice of materials inspired by leading industries like Formula One and Aeronautics.