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TAAROA offers all-around kite foils with our high-quality JOY and UP product lines. These foils suit any freeride or free move discipline from cruising to wave sailing and freestyle. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or aspiring rider, our JOY, and UP kite foil ranges are interchangeable and fully modular and are designed to suit your ability. Available in durable, high-quality materials such as Carbon HR, Carbon UHM, and titanium, you can experience high performance no matter your level. Visit our website to order or learn about our full range of kite foils.

TAAROA | Kiteboarding hydrofoils

TAAROA | Kiteboarding hydrofoils

Taaroa builds the most progressive and modular hydrofoils for kiteboarding, guaranteeing the best performance in every condition thanks to their unique design and choice of materials inspired by leading industries like Formula One and Aeronautics.